ThermoChronic Pearls(Temperature Pearls)

Dipit ThermoChronic Pearls brought to you by!
ThermoChronic pearls are pearls that are applied either as a doubled base coat(Any Pearl over Black ThermoChronic over White base(This will make your base coat go from black to white when you hit temperatures)) or simply as a top coat. The ThermoChronic(Temperature Pearl) will go from the solid color to a transparent coat when temperature of 30 degrees celcius is achieved.
All ThermoChronic Pearls are not 100 UV Stable and will fade with extended sun exposure, use at your own risk.
Mix 75 grams of pearls per (1) gallon of Sprayable Dip*
*(Can be Matte Clear PDS, a blend of Matte Clear RDS and Glossifier or High Gloss Top Coat).

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