How long will Plasti Dip® last?
Plasti Dip® is a very durable product that will last upwards of 3 years if the surface is prepared properly before application. To achieve best results, apply 4-5 even coats allowing 30 minutes drying time between coats. Allow 5 hours from the last coat to fully cure.
How many coats should I apply?
Apply 4-5 even coats allowing 30 minutes drying time between coats. Allow 5 hours from the last coat to fully cure. Too few coats can adversely affect the life of the product and make removal difficult.
Can Plasti Dip® be removed?
Yes! Plasti Dip®’s amazing properties allow it to be removed whenever you want without effecting the surface beneath. Applied properly, it will remain strong without peeling.
How does weather effect Plasti Dip®?
Plasti Dip® is very resistant to the effects of weather and can withstand extreme conditions including cold, road salt, ice, rain, sun and extreme heat.
How do I prepare the surface before dipping?
It’s very important to ensure your surface is free of oil, grease, dirt, dust and excess wax before applying Plasti Dip® to allow proper bonding. We suggest thoroughly cleaning the surface with a product suited to the surface before applying Plasti Dip®. Ensure the surface area is completely dry.
How should I clean Plasti Dip® surfaces?
Hand wash Plasti Dip® with a soft mitt or cloth using a mild soap and water solution. DO NOT wax or use any oily substances on Plasti Dip®. Avoid high-powered carwashes.
Can I use a spray gun to apply Plasti Dip®?
Yes! For best results we recommend applying Plasti Dip® with a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun for large surfaces. Plasti Dip® is available in gallons in our store and is suitable for use in most HVLP guns. Complete do-it-yourself kits, including spray guns, are also available in our store.
How do I spray Plasti Dip®?
Distance Whether spraying from and aerosol can or spray gun we suggest spraying approximately 6-8 inches away from the surface. This avoids paint sags or dry spraying. Strokes: Keep your gun or aerosol can at right angles to the surface. Spray in horizontal strokes up to 3ft long if using an HVLP gun. Keep your arm fairly stiff while swaying your whole body when necessary. Speed: Move the gun or aerosol can at a speed that ensures a full wet coat with each stroke. Too slow will result in runs. Too fast will result in uneven or too thin coverage. Don't ark: Never allow the gun to rotate during strokes - this applies too much paint in the middle of the stroke and too little at each end. Never point the gun up or down when spraying a vehicle surface. Triggering: The trigger controls the gun or aerosol action. Use it at the beginning and end of each stroke to feather the paint. Begin your stroke and pull the trigger. Release the trigger just before ending your stroke. This technique avoids paint sag due to double coating where strokes overlap. Overlapping: Every stroke should overlap the previous stroke by roughly 50%. Overlapping blends each edge avoiding unevenness when dry. Always paint in sections small enough to ensure that your next overlap over a wet edge. Large Areas: For large areas such as vehicle sides, work in 3ft sections starting at the top. Overlap each section by about 4in using the triggering technique. Never let one area dry off before moving to the next. Horizontal Surfaces: Start at the edge nearest to you and work away from yourself. Edges: Spray edges before main surfaces. One stroke along each edge will put a band along the adjoining horizontal surface. Overlap the wet edge with your horizontal strokes.
What is a Glossifier and does it differ from regular Plasti Dip®?
Plasti Dip® naturally gives you a matte finish. Our Glossifier allows you to add a glossy finish to any surface sprayed with Plasti Dip®. Apply Glossifier like Plasti Dip®. It’s equally easy to apply, protects and of course can be removed when wanted.
I want to spray my whole car, how much do it need?
The current color of your car must be considered if you intend to spray your whole car. If you are changing your car color from dark to light, add an extra gallon to ensure adequate coverage and opacity. The average car requires 3 gallons for proper coverage as found in our medium kit. For trucks, SUVs or large sedans we recommend our large kit.
Can I use Plasti Dip® to protect my vehicle?
Yes! One of the greatest attributes of Plasti Dip® is its ability to absorb small impacts. Its unique properties protect the surface beneath. Try using our clear version as a bra on the front of your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
Can I cancel my order?
Once the order has been processed and /or shipped, orders cannot be canceled*. If you wish to return your un-opened package once you receive it, you may do so at your expense. Once we receive the package we will inspect the contents, and issue a full refund minus the original shipping cost. *Special order items are non-cancelable and non-refundable at any time. Special order lead time seen on the description of our items are ESTIMATIONS, the lead time might change depending on supplier's stock level, availability and carrier problems.
Do you accept returns?
Since there is no way for us to determine if the products were tampered with or used we cannot accept returns.
Which courier will be delivering my package?
We ship via UPS and Canada Post. If your order requires more than one package, UPS will be delivering your order. If only one package is required, Canada Post will be delivering your order.
My package is lost or damaged, what now?
DipIt.ca is not responsible for products lost or damaged during the shipping process. Once the package leaves our warehouse, we are no longer liable. You must contact the courier yourself.
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