Plasti Dip® Spray Gallon High Gloss Top Coat

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Plasti Dip® is a synthetic rubber based coating that's perfect for do-it-yourself projects around the home, garage, garden or shop. Plasti Dip® is used widely for automotive detailing; coating wheels; and painting graphics that can be peeled off without affecting the car's OEM finish*. Plasti Dip® can be used to coat wood, metal, glass, rope, plastic, rubber, concrete, tools, and just about anything else you can think of.

Plasti Dip High Gloss Top Coat gives you a new level of gloss and clarity that goes beyond existing clear coatings. High Gloss Top Coat is perfect for use with effect pigments or as a high gloss layer over your existing finish.

Plasti Dip developed High Gloss Top Coat to provide a harder more durable finish than standard glossifier. This new formula is more rigid than standard Plasti Dip but gives you improved scratch and scuff resistance.

-Applying High Gloss Top Coat takes a little more finesse and skill than normal Plasti Dip. Always start with a good looking base coat. Once you have a good base coat, you apply the Top Coat. Top Coat needs to be applied so that each pass of your spray gun overlaps the last pass by at least 50%. You want the surface to remain wet looking as you spray. This is the only way to get a consistent shine and gloss. This takes practice and becomes harder to do when you go to spray larger areas.
-Keep temperature and humidity as stable as possible. Sudden changes while the top coat is drying can cloud or change its appearance. If you spray indoors, don't move your project outside until the topcoat is fully dry.
Plasti Dip® Spray is formulated to spray directly from the can. No thinning, No fuss, this is the Sprayable Plasti Dip®.

What Plasti Dip® Can Do

Resists moisture, acids, and alkalines
Protects against electrical shock
Anti-Skid, Anti Slip, Abrasion resistant
Remains flexible and stretchy
Will not become brittle or crack even in extreme weather
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